Making the Most of Your Trekonderoga Adventure!!!

A lot of folks have asked about how to plan for their Trekonderoga weekend, so as we post the schedule and get ready to welcome Jonathan Frakes, LeVar Burton, Walter Koenig, Clint Howard, the Inglorious Treksperts, David Gerrold, and more, we thought we’d give you an overview of what your weekend might look like. The schedule has been posted to our website and we strongly encourage you to check back frequently and always hit refresh to get the latest updates as that online schedule can change and will be updated before the event.  We also encourage you to check out the digital program which includes a vendor list, presentation descriptions, presenter bios, celebrity guest bios, and much, much more! 

All Trekonderoga information, including tickets, presentation info, vendor info, the schedule, and the digital program can be found on our website 


Friday afternoon we are excited to welcome you and get you checked in with all of your wristbands and tickets. Any additional tickets you need can be purchased at this time as well! If you cannot arrive on Friday, we will also be checking folks in on Saturday morning, but please be aware there will be a line. Allow yourself extra time before your first event.  

Some folks may be ready on Friday to dive right in and take their regular tour. If you want to splurge on an extra-cost tour with either James Cawley or the Inglorious Treksperts, Friday night is your chance! If you cannot join in now, don’t worry, there will be other chances this weekend.  

Friday night you may want to take the Moonlight tour as your one allotted regular tour, where all the overhead lights are off, and you tour by the beautiful colored lights of the consoles. Or you may want to grab a bite to eat and then head over to 5 Nations Mini Golf. Our minigolf icebreaker is hosted by crew members Alex Viaggio and Fred Donath and it is an excellent way to get to know your fellow Star Trek fans!!! Tickets are available at 5 Nation’s door. Alcoholic beverages, sodas, and snacks are available for purchase at the Sip ‘N Chip.  


Saturday gets very exciting as our celebrities arrive and their tours and bridge chats start! Photos happen on Saturday as well, so DO NOT MISS your photo time!!! Whether you will be walking through the Enterprise with your favorite celeb or sitting on the bridge with them in a chat, we hope you have an amazing time seeing the iconic starship through their eyes!  

Up at the school, our celebrity guests will be signing autographs, the vendor room will be open, and a wide selection of free panels and presentations will be offered. In the afternoon, James Cawley, David Gerrold, and the incredible Clint Howard take the stage for their Live on Stage presentations. Later there is another chance to join James Cawley’s second tour at the studio. This extra-cost tour is worth every penny, and always sells out. Get your tickets ASAP! Or you can join in the Cosplay Contest fun at the school. The Inglorious Treksperts will close out Saturday night with their Live on Stage at 6 PM. Some folks may choose to wrap up the night with a Moonlight tour at the studio. Remember you only get one free regular tour with your event admission, so choose wisely! 😉 You can, of course, always buy another tour to see the beautiful Enterprise again!  


We are still going strong on Sunday as celebrity tours and bridge chats continue, the Inglorious Treksperts offer their second tour, and the studio is open for regular tours all afternoon. Up at the school, free panels and presentations continue, there is a last round of autographs, the vendor’s room is open, and our celebrities Jonathan Frakes, Walter Koenig, and LeVar Burton take to the stage for more Live on Stage presentations.  

We hope this gets you excited for your weekend with us! The crew at the set tour love hosting and welcoming everyone to Trekonderoga every year. We think we are the most unique celebrity experience offered to Star Trek fans today. You will come as a fan, but leave as family!! 

Please check the schedule and digital program for exact times, the latest updates, venue addresses, and other information. Questions? Please visit and send us an email!