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Are cosplayers permitted/encouraged? If so, is there a “no touching” policy to safeguard cosplayers and, if so, how will it be enforced? Is there a changing area for cosplayers?

Cosplay costumes and hall costumes are permitted, however, cosplay and larp action on set and in all other indoor event spaces is forbidden. Cosplayers must not be noisy or disruptive. Cosplay weapons may not be drawn. Read the section on weapons below.

Sorry, there is no place for cosplayers to change on set nor is there a green room at the High School. The best place cosplayers could don the costume would be at their hotel or off premises.

Trekonderoga supports and enforces a “no touching” policy. Cosplayers are encouraged to report any unwanted behavior to security who will notify police if necessary. Anyone behaving inappropriately will be escorted off-site, and will not be permitted back in, with no refund, and will be banned from future events. Police will be called if illegal activity occurs. The Ticonderoga police, the Essex County Sheriff, and NY state Police are informed of and will respond to the event in Ticonderoga.

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