The Most Accurate Reproductions

Check out our numerous, highly accurate prop reproductions!



Visit Mr. Scott's Engine Room!



Visit McCoy's Sickbay Complex


Transporter Room

Beam down from the Transporter Room


The Corridors

Stroll down the corridors of the Enterprise!


The Bridge

Sit in the Captain's Chair on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise!


Briefing Room

Visit the Enterprise's Briefing Room


The Corridors

Explore the corridors of the Enterprise


Visit the Starship Enterprise!

Make the Trek!

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Denise Okuda, Mike Okuda, Doug Drexler

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Walter Koenig STAR TREK’S Legendary Mr. Chekov will be beaming back aboard The Enterprise this August 2017 for a Special weekend at


Special VIP SET TOUR packages will go on sale in February and be Limited, Keep watching for this once in a lifetime chance to walk the Original sets with Our favorite Navigator!

Walter Koenig as Chekov!

 Touted as a stunning achievement offering the most complete and accurate reproduction of the original standing sets from Star Trek: The Original Series, the Star Trek Original Series Set Tour is Closed for the season! Watch for New Season approximately 1 May 2017.