Trekonderoga 2024

Event Weekend: May 17, 18, & 19, 2024

The Star Trek Set Tour is excited to welcome back Jonathan Frakes, and from the Original Series, Walter Koenig!!! We are also delighted to welcome for the first time LeVar Burton and Clint Howard!!!

Change of Plans for Brent Spiner

We are very sad to announce that Brent Spiner has cancelled his appearance at Star Trek Tour for our annual Trekonderoga event. We are all disappointed that he will not be appearing but hope to see him at future events. Ticket holders for events with Mr. Spiner will be contacted by Star Trek Tour staff.

LeVar Burton to Attend Trekonderoga 2024!!!!

We are delighted to welcome for the first time LeVar Burton!!! We all know Geordi LaForge as the amazing Chief Engineer of the Next Generation Starship Enterprise. He reprised his role in the recent Picard series. Join LeVar Burton on tours of the original Enterprise, chat with him on the bridge or just be photographed or get the autograph of this amazing star!

Mark Altman
Darren Dochterman

Trekonderoga is also excited to welcome the Inglorious Treksperts Mark A. Altman (Free Enterprise, The Fifty-Year Mission), Ashley Miller (Thor and X-Men First Class), and Daren Dochterman (ST: TMP – Director’s Edition)! They are the ultimate authority in Star Trek podcasting! They will be available to sign autographs, greet fans, and host a Live on Stage. Tours with the Trekperts will be available on the ticket page soon!

Trekonderoga has quickly become a fan favorite event, best known for its fun, relaxed atmosphere. Fans can get photo ops, autographs, and attend celebrity guest talks. Small crowd sizes keep events easily accessible and personal. Panels and presentations cover a wide range of pop-culture topics, and the weekend also includes trivia panels, a cosplay contest, and much more.

Our schedule is still being finalized, more stars are being contacted, and more plans being made! Please expect changes and additions. Check back often for news and updates.

The Star Trek: The Original Series Set Tour features tours of the painstakingly recreated TOS sets, which were built based on the original blueprints and detailing. Fans will be able to walk the corridors, sickbay, briefing room, captain’s quarters, transporter room, and main engineering of the U.S.S. Enterprise. Tour guides share behind-the-scenes information and explain how the original sets were designed and erected. For most fans the tour saves the best for last: the iconic main bridge, where the adventure began.

Star Trek Set Tour Transporter Room

Set Tours

This is a chance to tour the meticulously recreated set of the Starship: Enterprise. Walk the corridors, tour engineering, sickbay, the Captain’s Quarters, and the iconic bridge. Visit the transporter room, and see the briefing room where the crew gathered – in short, relive the excitement of this groundbreaking television series and see how it was made.

Cosplay/Costume Contest

Back by popular demand, we are excited to present our Cosplay Costume Contest! Come as your favorite cosplay character to watch, or join in the fun and compete on stage. Nowhere else has such a fun and supportive cosplay audience, and we love our cosplayers!! Who will take home the top prize? Costumed Contestants must have a valid General Admission ticket. Click on Cosplay rules. Ask for an entry form and rules at registration or download, print and fill out the form (click here).

Cosplay Participants
Star Trek Tour Trekonderoga Session

Presentations & Sessions

We always have a wide variety of presentations and sessions scheduled regarding Star Trek and other pop culture topics. These panels are included in your General Admission ticket.

Stay in the Beautiful Lake George Region

The Lake George Chamber of Commerce has joined with Star Trek Tour to help with finding a place to stay. They have a wonderful website that includes tons of accommodations close to the Star Trek Tour Set. Use the button below to access their web page. Use their contact information to help you find a place to stay in the region.