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John de Lancie

One of, if not the, most popular “non-regular” member of the Star Trek: The Next Generation cast is surely none other than John de Lancie, playing the villainous (or was he?) omnipotent (most times) Q!

John de Lancie answering fan questions

John began acting in a Shakespearian play at the young age of 14 and continued studying his craft through to Kent State University and then won a scholarship to attend the prestigious Julliard School.

His first appearances in the genre of science fiction began with five episodes of The Six Million Dollar Man, including the popular two-parter “Death Probe” episodes, where a Russian space probe meant for Venus lands in the U.S. – you’ve all seen it!  He also appeared in 1979’s Battlestar Galactica, Emergency!, a popular stint as a regular star in Days of Our Lives, The Thorn Birds mini-series, an episode in 1986’s version of The Twilight Zone, MacGyver, Murder, She Wrote, 1988’s Mission: Impossible, and L.A Law, amongst so many others. 

He appeared in eight episodes as Q in Star Trek: TNG, bookending the series by appearing as one of the driving forces of the plots in both the pilot and the final series-ending two-parter, involving the long arc of the “humanity on trial” theme.  He once quoted Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry telling him after his audition for the part of Q, “You make my writing sound better than it is.”  High praise from The Great Bird of the Galaxy!

John and his character would continue appearing in various Star Trek series incarnations, including most recently appearing in the recent second season of Star Trek: Picard – we won’t spoil John’s wonderful performance and perhaps final Picard-Q storyline here, so stream it if you missed it – that’s an order – and then join the Q Continuum as an honorary guest as Q himself bends spacetime again with another snap of his fingers and we all find ourselves back on Earth, during the mid-1960s, entering Desilu Studios – but in this case, not in Hollywood but in Ticonderoga – and strolling down the corridors of the original Starship Enterprise with John de Lancie!

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Robin Curtis

Robin Curtis arrived in Los Angeles in 1982 and first appeared in a first season episode of the popular science fiction television show Knight Rider.  She formed a friendship with the head of Paramount’s casting department which led to that person recommending her for the role of Lieutenant Saavik in Leonard Nimoy’s Star Trek III – The Search for Spock.  Robin met with Nimoy who cast her in the role the following day; Robin had now forever joined Star Trek lore.  Robin also played Saavik in Star Trek IV – The Voyage Home in a short “This is good-bye” appearance.  In 2002, Robin would provide audio commentary for Search for Spock in its “Collector’s Edition” DVD release.  

Robin also appeared as a Vulcan disguised as a Romulan in Star Trek – The Next Generation’s two-parter episode “Gambit” and later appeared in the Babylon 5 episode “Deathwalker”.  Other television credits include MacGyverNight Court, and The Equalizer, while film credits include Hexed, Ghost Story, and LBJ – The Early Years in the role of Jacqueline Kennedy. Robin was also active on the stage including appearing in the off-Broadway show The City Suite and Los Angeles’ Garden.  In 2005, she debuted her one-woman show entitled Not My Bra, You Don’t!  – The Sexual Odyssey of a Forty-Nine Year Old Woman.

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to meet and greet Robin Curtis in the corridors of the Starship Enterprise…!

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Dave Blass

Dave Blass is a highly accomplished production designer and art director renowned for his exceptional creative vision and expertise in bringing fictional worlds to life on both the big and small screens. Dave was Star Trek: Picard‘s production designer for season 2 and for season 3’s spectacular reunion of the Enterprise-D command crew (not to mention the return of the Enterprise-D herself)!

Dave has left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry through his meticulous attention to detail and ability to seamlessly blend aesthetics with storytelling. He has been nominated for the Outstanding Art Direction for a Single-Camera Series Emmy for Justified, and also for the Outstanding Production Design for a Narrative Contemporary Program (One Hour or More) Emmy for Justified and later for Constantine. He was also nominated for the Art Directors Guild Award for Excellence in Production Design for a One Hour Contemporary Television Series for Justified.

Blass’s versatility is evident in his diverse portfolio, which includes iconic productions such as Justified, The Boys, Preacher and Constantine. His work on the show demonstrated his prowess in creating dynamic and immersive environments, as seen most recently in Star Trek: Picard!

Trekonderoga is absolutely thrilled to host Dave and his presentation on designing Star Trek: Picard‘s look and feel! Don’t miss out on your chance to meet the man in person at this year’s event!