Cosplay Photo Tour

From: USD $100.00

The Star Trek Set Tour is excited to provide Cosplay Adventure Tours! Find yourself in the episode, acting and interacting with Original Series™ characters!!!

Wear your uniform and prepare to interact with Original Series™ recordings throughout the ship! The cosplay tour vignettes are for one or two people to interact with Original Series (TM) characters through the intercoms. You will get a script to download and review on purchase. Choose your favorite five interactions, plus bonus commands from the Captain’s Chair!!!  Our tour guides use your phone to film you and take photos as you interact with 5 different stations throughout the ship, including the transporter. These are your memories to keep and cherish. Nowhere else on earth can you do this on a licensed Star Trek set. Get your tickets and live the episodes, and your dreams, today!!!

Due to time constraints parties must be 3 people or fewer. For bigger parties please contact us about hosting a private event.

The price is $100.00 for one customer and $90 for each additional customer up to 3 total. 

Call us at 518-503-5497 for more information. Cosplay tour should take about two hours but there may be minor delays to ensure social distancing with other tours.

See Terms and Conditions for all sales.